Easily Manage Your Boutique Stock And Inventory From Your Mobile Phone

Run your stores from anywhere

Audit, Stock, import, track, organize, transfer and sell your stock faster than ever. Manage your business on the go with our mobile solutions. Create products, process orders, and track key stats in real-time.

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The omnichannel stock and inventory management solution for boutiques.


Sync and organize your inventory across channels with the cloud-based boutique stock and inventory management solution tailored to today’s retail industry.

∼ Manage one inventory database for all your store locations and online shop

∼ Display your quantity on hand online with live inventory numbers

∼ Save time and import multiple products at once with the item import tool

∼ Assign custom tags and categories to help quickly search by brand, color, size, and more

Seamlessly sell online with an intuitive eCommerce solution.


Expand with your eCommerce store designed to grow your business and sync to your inventory and locations from your physical boutique retail stores.

∼ Easily import stock and sync location information from your physical boutique stores to your eCommerce shop

∼ Select a theme from a range of mobile-responsive and customizable templates

∼ View, edit and organize your orders and shipments from your eCommerce back office

∼ Make use of built-in tools to boost SEO and drive traffic to your online clothing store

Bring Google shoppers in-store right from your mobile phone.


Reach out to nearby shoppers searching for products online with Facebook ads, Just sync your inventory and set up your campaigns, then check on your ad insights right from your mobile phone.

∼ Be one of the top results on Google when nearby customers search for products in stock

∼ Combine local inventory ads with curbside pickup through our solution to adapt to changing customer behavior

Automatically pause ads when products sell out to minimize marketing costs

∼ Leverage ad campaign results to stay on top of changing customer tastes—measured right from your mobile phone

Offer coupons that work online and in-store.


Improve cash flow and customer loyalty without extra fees. With omnichannel coupon management, your customers can receive and redeem the same coupons in-store and online.

∼ Manage omnichannel coupons with no extra fees or third-party partners required

Create customizable coupons, from design to messaging to amount and more, that reflects your brand

Get easily customizable coupon functionality that fits most stores’ needs right out of the box and is available to select or all customers

∼ Issue coupons from the comfort of your mobile phone without leaving your location

Unlock smart retail data you can act on.


Monitoring your margins? Tracking your sales trends? Our solution keeps you on top of that and more with so many built-in reports.

∼ Run inventory reports tracking returns, negative quantities, unit costs, and more

∼ Track end-of-day totals and seasonal trends with programmable sales reports

∼ Make calculated changes to optimize profits with margin and category performance reports

∼ Filter your reports to also include your eCommerce data straight from all your sales channels

Manage multiple store locations with ease.


Run and scale your business with one intuitive commerce solution.

∼ Use enterprise-level reports and insights to spot your bestsellers and grow your business

∼ Sync your coupons program across your physical stores  and eCommerce stores

∼ Get 24/7 support for every location if the need arises

Customize the look and feel of our app and eCommerce store to match your company’s distinct branding