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We’ve been building bespoke websites, creating stunning graphics and designing beautiful logos since 2009, proactively working with businesses of all sizes across Nigeria, Ghana, and West Africa.

Each design is unique and tailored to your market to ensure your business can grow, ensuring ForteSpy Productions are one of the most affordable and professional designers in Nigeria.

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Website Design

ForteSpy Productions craft websites that are completely bespoke, functional and beautifully designed to give your business the best chance of standing out from the crowd. We want your business to succeed and grow so we design websites that are aimed to generate you more business.

Website Design

Each and every web design we create is bespoke. Not only will your website look beautiful, but it will also be functional too. We always keep your potential clients in mind to ensure we craft a design that both looks great but also achieves its purpose of growing your business. Every design works on all devices such as desktops, laptops and mobiles.

Branding & Logo

Our strength lies in our creativity and our personal approach. ForteSpy Productions offer you creative graphic design and branding solution for your business. Whether you’re looking for a stunning new business card design, engaging flyers, menus, corporate brochures or striking posters, we can help quickly, creatively and efficiently.

Content Strategy

We help you in planning, development and management of your online content; from your website through to your social media outlets to ensure consistency in Branding and positive public perception

Built From Scratch

For websites with specialized features and peculiar functionality, we can design it and build it up from scratch using codes that meet the industry standards

Choose a Premade Template

Our clients have the option of choosing from some of our pre-made website templates which meets their expectation

Maintenance & Updates

We also offer routine website maintenance and updates throughout the service life of the site to avoid any sort of service downtime

Website Development

Once the design is completed, we optimize your website to ensure it can be found easily on Google and Bing. Regularly assessing the performance of your website, increasing your ranking on all the major search engines driving more traffic to your website.


What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

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Whether you work from home, are preparing a report for school, or just use it for leisure purposes, your computer is an important tool, and not being able to use it can turn into a major inconvenience. Let ForteSpy would help you avoid any hassles.

Virus and Spyware Removal

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If you find yourself at the mercy of a virus, count on ForteSpy  to come to the rescue! We will remove any viruses or malware infesting your system, and help you keep your home or office computer(s) safe from any future attacks.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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Your computer networks are likely filled with important documents, emails, and many other files. But what would happen if all of that data disappeared due to a power surge, virus, or simply one wrong click? If you do not have a proper backup system in place, it could take days or weeks to replace everything that was lost.

ForteSpy computer recovery process not only helps you find your lost files, but it also prevents you from losing them again. Our experienced technicians will provide the resources necessary to gather files and programs wiped out for whatever reason. In addition, we will transfer data to another source if the operating system has become corrupted, and also implement a backup solution for the future.

Outsourced IT Support

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For any business to run efficiently and reliably, every aspect of your operation needs to function at its optimal potential, day in and day out. Keeping pace with technological advancements in today’s marketplace can stretch the resources of small companies. When systems fail, computers go down and all of your peripherals are compromised, production and connectivity can go south fast. That’s where ForteSpy’s highly qualified technicians can get you back up and humming with affordable options that restore connectivity and keep your business moving forward on schedule.

Wireless Router and Firewall Configuration

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Many business networks fall victim to hackers each year, which can cost a company millions in unwanted expenses. A properly maintained firewall network prevents any possible security breaches both from within and externally. It also monitors what goes out, blocks out any unwanted incoming traffic and possibly malicious attacks from malware or viruses, as well as blocks any potentially inappropriate websites.

Small Business Server Installation Services

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Because a full-time IT team doesn’t really fit into most small business plans, the threat of server and computer system repairs and maintenance can be a daunting challenge. Computer repair companies can be expensive and wait times for server repairs can add to the frustration of a non-functioning office. All of these worries will disappear when you work with ForteSpy because we offer a more personal approach compared to other major service providers. We are able to provide the nationwide service and support you need at an affordable rate with a 24-hour turnaround.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Agro-Allied Company Website Redesign

The Management of EddieWilo Farm Estates contacted us for a redesign of their website. follow the link below for a sneak peep

Live Website

Website Development

Photography Website Architecture

Portraitsbyemem is an established portraits photographer based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. We were able to build her website from the ground up. It has some unique features like an appointment booking platform, an eCommerce shop and a professional gallery presentation of her Instagram feeds. Kindly follow the link below to view it

About Us

ForteSpy has Been Building Websites for 11Years

Whether you’re starting a business or thinking about rebuilding your existing website, the cost is an important factor. We are not the cheapest, but we are certainly not the most expensive. Our websites are professionally built and affordable.

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